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Climbing Adventure Course

Looking for a fun filled day? Book your next adventure with us and you will have access to one of the premier climbing adventure courses in the northeast! Our climbing course is intended for your fun and enjoyment, while at the same time challenging you on a personal level. Some of our features require you to work together as a team with your fellow participants! While accompanied by our fully-staffed crew, you will have the opportunity to traverse the features we have available, which are all listed below!

48' Carolina Wall

The Carolina Wall has six faces of varying degrees of difficulty including the most challenging overhang face. The Wall is principally an individual challenge event.

50' Alpine Tower

At 50' high and over 30 'ways up', the Alpine Tower is an activity for decision making and physical challenge. Although principally an individual effort, the tower also includes cooperative challenges for two people at a time as well.


The Odyssey is a multi-event high ropes course designed to encourage cooperation and team work among a group of participants across 4 challenging traverses. 

Giant Swing

When experiencing our Giant Swing, the participant is first harnessed and safety checked on the ground. They are then pulled to their desired height up to 30 feet by co-participants, assisted by our ropes staff. This creates a team event and allows the individual to choose the height from which they wish to swing.

Team Development course

Our Team Development Course is designed for more than 40 activities. One of the our most popular activities includes our signature "Cave Rescue" simulation, which requires the ultimate combination of teamwork and communication to complete! Your group can either choose the activities you would like to complete or our expert staff can put together a group of activities to to best fit the age and dynamics of all participants.

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